The international five star hotel will be sited within a 7ha private parkland, as part of a wider new public park for Astana, which allows a ceremonial driveway and tree-lined Poplar avenue to lead through the new parkland to the hotel and residences.

The private hotel gardens have been designed to compliment the adjacent building uses of the ballroom, restaurant and spa to create a formal setting and outlook of clipped hedges and ornamental planting. Water features, fountains and pools will animate the space leading to 3 formal lawns to be used for weddings and events.

Ornamental apple orchards form part of the design which seek to reintroduce the ancestor species of the world’s first apple Malus sieversii and reference its origin location of Kazakhstan. Special attention was given on the selection of the tree and shrub planting to ensure selected species were able to withstand the brackish ground water conditions and harsh local climate of the second coldest capital city in the world.

Client / Architect Lancaster Group
Project Status Design development

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